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Certification: Creator of the zenstudio studioCYCLE Method, BarreAmped Foundations, Schwinn Indoor Cycling
Style of Teaching: I like to incorporate rhythm into my class choreography! I have a lighthearted fun vibe in all my classes. I love to inspire my clients to push themselves to the edge.
Favorite Music Style: I try to have new music for each class and I use everything from the top ten to oldies! 

Certification: zenstudio studioCYCLE certification, AFFA Cycling Certified, ACE Group Fitness Certification, BFA in Dance Performance
Style of Teaching: My classes always begin with setting your own intention. This is help you find your purpose for moving and to help keep you strong and inspired as you go through class.
Favorite Music Style: I love using the newest and weirdest electronic music in my classes. While electronic music takes up about 75% of my playlist, I also will use newer pop, rap, and sometimes a throwback jam.

Certification: BarreAmped Foundations
Style of Teaching: I try to teach to all levels of Barre clients - giving lots of modifications and options to encourage beginners, but still challenge more experienced Barre Babes :)  I also give a lot of form cues, so that clients get the absolute most out of each class.
Favorite Music Style: Anything with a good beat, but I use a lot of pop, hip-hop and rap in my playlist.

Certification: zenstudio studioCYCLE certification, BarreAmped Foundations, certified by the fabulous Leah McKee Hyneman
Style of Teaching: Music-centered, choreographed, "dancey"
Favorite Music Style: I love all types, so I try to incorporate a little bit of everything in my classes: pop, hip-hop, rap, pop-rock, maybe country to cool down :)
Certification: BarreAmped Foundations, Nashville September 2015 (barre client for 2 years and fell in love with barre)
Style of Teaching: Foundational barre; strengthening & lengthening, core work, muscle toning
Favorite Music Style: Pop, R&B, Indie Rock


Certification: BTS Group Power instructor, BarreAmped Foundations,
tap n' pow{h}er and Mat Pilates certifications

Certification: zenstudio studioCYCLE certification, MadDog Indoor Cycling
Style of Teaching:
My teaching is Energetic, High Intensity & Fast-paced
Favorite Music Style: In cycling it's all about the MUSIC! Prepare for a ride with heavy bass lines. My playlist will make you want to dance instantaneously! Top Hits, Trap, EDM, Rap/Hip-Hop & Rock!

Certification: zenstudio studioCYCLE certification, AAFA Group Fitness Certification 
Style of Teaching: Music is everything to me, and I love to incorporate lots of variety with my playlists and choreography.  No two songs are ever the same, and you'll experience all levels of resistance and movement. It also helps keep my classes focused on proper form so that their workouts are both safe and effective
Favorite Music Style: I love anything with a heavy bass line and catchy beat! You'll hear lots of pop remixes, EDM with a flair of indie and alternative rock, and a little jamtronica

Certification: zenstudio studioCYCLE certification, Schwinn and AFFA
Style of Teaching: I like to "HITT" it hard. I just know how precious time is so I to make the most of my classes, but in a fun; "I don't how hard I'm working out" kinda way ;)
Favorite Music Style: Is Britney Spears a style? Ha-Actually I like throw back everything from Sinatra to Tim McGraw to TLC, but I always make sure my classes have brand new music.  One of the things I fell in love with zenstudio was the music! So maybe: All kinds would be a better, shorter answer;)

Certification: zenstudio studioCYCLE certification, AAFA Group Fitness Certification 
Style of Teaching: I love a class that makes you feel like you are conquering the world. My classes are all about endurance, strength and inspiration to "leave it all on the bike/mat" and be present in the moment
Favorite Music Style: All of the music...especially soft pop, rhythmic pop and 70"s rock
Certification: zenstudio studioCYCLE certification, Schwinn Cycling
Style of Teaching: High intensity with a lot of choreography
Favorite Music Style:Billboard top 
Certification: BarreAmped Foundations
Style of Teaching:
Favorite Music Style:
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