Certification: Power Pilates Comprehensive Certification. Licensed Physical Therapist
Style of Teaching: Technical, Therapeutic, Detailed
Favorite Music Style: No music with Pilates but personally, Country
Favorite Hobby: Golf
Favorite Travel Destination: Italy and Carmel by the Sea
Favorite Athletic Apparel Brand: Lululemon
Favorite Workout Aside From What I Teach: Cycle
Favorite Fit Food: Quinoa
Indulgence: Food- French Fries, Other - pedicures and messages
Guilty Pleasure: Red Wine

Kerri instructs the following:
  • studioPILATES {chenal}
  • This 60 minute class is built upon the foundational Mat Pilates method, but is enhanced with props and weights that will vary from class to class, deepening the practice. This class will improve your flexibility, strength, posture, and body awareness. Towel, mat, and all class accessories are provided.  Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first class.